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Welcome to Resolutions Enterprises

Resolutions Enterprises Ltd. is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes meet the stringent demands of the datacenter. This means implementing secure, robust, proven and scalable solutions. This goal is achieved through the provision of vairous information resources—articles, white papers, books, presentations and Webcasts—most of which are freely available on the Web. Simply search for the topic and Resolutions' contributors names, Danielle Ruest or Nelson Ruest. Topics include:

  • Moving to the cloud
  • Virtualization at all levels—server, desktop, application and user state
  • Server infrastructures and architectures
  • Migration and consolidation programs
  • Microsoft Active Directory technologies
  • Public Key Infrastructures and the World of Trust
  • Security and Privacy
  • Software and systems management
  • Storage and disaster recovery

Resolutions' goal is to help you improve your experience as either an administrator or technician within the datacenter or an end user no matter which device you rely on. Information technology and tools are part of everyday life. Learning to work with them to the best of our ability can only contribute to higher levels of productivity and performance.

Note: All information is copyrighted by Resolutions Enterprises Ltd. Products and information published by Resolutions are presented as is and can only be used internally and cannot be used for commercial purposes.